Today in Southwest France, at the coastal town of Anglet (near Biarritz) a meeting is taking place to discuss the potential of a new European “Nations” Beach Rugby Cup.

[frame align=”center”]Eyes on the Prize-Marseille FBEACH RUGBY in EUROPE – EYEING a NEW PRIZE? Who knows![/frame]The meeting organised by FIRA-AER will have amongst its invited guests, Zeno Zenandrea (Vice President FIRA-AER / representative FIR) and our own, Cesare Zambelli (Lignano Tournament Director & E.B.R.A representative).

“After 8 years of work, building relations with the IRB & FIRA-AER, we’re proud to have been invited as organisers of Europe’s and the worlds premier Beach 5’s tournament,” commented Cesare Zambelli. “Following Zeno Zenandrea’s attendance at this summers European Beach 5’s Club Cup Final in Lignano, today’s meeting with FIRA-AER is one that allows us to start thinking towards yet another great development in the Beach 5’s Rugby movement.”

In terms of this new potential European Nations Cup, is there talk that Lignano could be included as one Leg of a tournament series ?

“Well that’ll be the first point. Certainly the potential is being discussed with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Authority, the provincial authority in Udine and the local authority in Lignano Sabbiadoro. All 3 have invested over the years to help us create an outstanding tournament at Lignano, which ranks in the Top 50 international events to take place in our region each year and thanks to this international exposure it has opened many wonderful sporting tourists links all over the world.

As the spiritual home of the International Beach 5’s Rugby movement, could Lignano manage 2 International Beach Rugby events in the one season – both the European Beach 5’s Club Cup and a leg of a new European Nations Cup ?

“For sure it’s possible if the economic conditions are right. And this will be one of the central points to discuss today at Anglet and thereafter with the adminstration when we get back home.”

Who else will be at the Anglet and what’s on the order of business?

At the table, as mentioned already there will be Zeno Zanandrea, Vice President FIRA-AER & FIR representative, together with the new President of FIRA-AER, Octavian Morariu, the president of Italian Beach Rugby league L.I.B.R, officials from the French, Spanish and Belgian Rugby Federations, a representative of the IRB FIRA-AER, representatives from the French Beach Rugby tournaments in Marseille and Anglet, in addition to representatives from tournaments in Spain, Portugal and Belgium, together with myself as the representative of The Lignano International Cup and EBRA. Indeed as part of the order of business there will be a request to start the process of official recognition for the European Beach Rugby Association by FIRA-AER. So you could say today’s meeting will be historic.”

Stay tuned. More details coming soon.

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