Master Ref 2013 – Secret Ingredients

Refs 2One of the secret ingredients to any successful Beach 5’s tournament is the Quality of its Referee’s. And the success of SB5 2013 was certainly assured by the presence of our top class ref’s panel. For their contribution, both on and off the field of play, we salute them all.

To our 3 new boys:

Marius Mitrea FIR – 1st Cap (Final Referee 2013)

Vlad Iordachescu FRR – 1st Cap

Andrea Spadoni FIR – 1st Cap

To our legendary ‘older’ boys

Dave ‘The Legend Lives on’ Drury WRU – 13th Cap

Chris ‘Kiwi’ Webb RFU (former) – 6th Cap (Official SB5 Match Scorer 2013)

Filippo Navarra FIR – 6th Cap

Francesco Lento FIR – 6th Cap & Lignano Beach 5’s Master since 1993

Dave & Chris SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY. Not for your Average Referee’s