SUPER BEACH 5's Pitch DimensionsNaturally, of course we’re talking about the size of your PITCH!

Recently in the world of Beach Fives Rugby there have been discussions about the optimum size of the playing field. Indeed we’ve brought the matter to the attention of the IRB and they currently have it under review.

In the meantime, here in Lignano, the Spiritual Home of International SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY, just to say we play with a total PITCH size of 31M x 25M, including 2 “IN-GOAL” areas of 3M length each (see attached image).

Based on more than 20 years of experience on the Beach, we’ve selected this as the optimum size for our tournament because

a) it provides the optimum space for all 10 in-field players to do what they do best.

b) it helps to promote the off-loading game and maintain the high paced, end-to-end, action that makes Beach 5’s the ‘Fastest game of Rugby on the Planet’.

c) it actively minimises the risk of muscular injury during play.

Compared to grass, RUNNING on sand is another ball game! Any larger PITCH size will certainly increase the potential for tired legs. And as we all know, with tired legs comes muscular injury. And no-one wants that.

It works for us. We’re sure it will work for your tournament too!