SB5 2015 – CHALLENGER #2

At Lignano, apart from Jelly Fish, Snakes and Sharks, what else would you not like to find in your POOL?

You guessed it…..SB5 Challenger #2. With a reputation in the Beach Arena that eclipses all others, it’s with great honour that SUPER BEACH 5s once again welcomes back the Mighty men from the Deep Blue southern seas – Challenger #2 – The Pacific Islanders.

PI 2015-2Steeped in SB5 history, their powerful offloading skill set gives these guys the capability of inflicting great damage on any defensive line. Last season they delivered some classic performances in Lignano while in Spain they reached the final at Barcelona Beach 5’s only to lose out to Ovale Beach Marseille in another legendary encounter.

The fact that Marseille then went on to claim the title at SB5 2014 and the overall 2014 EBRA Series is testament to the calibre of these South Pacific boys and their ability to live with the big fish of European Beach 5s.

So all Challengers be warned, the last thing you want to find in your POOL this summer is most definitely the Pacific Islanders !

SUPER BEACH 5′s RUGBY. Not for your Average Guys


18-19 JULY 2015


Friuli Venezia Giulia, ITALY.

“The Spiritual Home of International SUPER BEACH 5′s RUGBY.”