The first time in Tarvisio, the first time in Friuli Venezia Giulia and therefore the first time in Italy.

Without a doubt, SNOW 5’s RUGBY TARVISIO has proved to be an outstanding success for all involved.

8 courageous teams entered the ‘Tarvisio Snow Arena’ last Saturday 12 January. They came from near and far, including 7 Italian sides and the lone touring side from Klagenfurt, Austria.

Inspite of the difficult wintery conditions, all players demonstrated ‘skill, commitment, pride & respect’…the true spirit of RUGBY.

In the end, it was the invitational side, “INVICTUS” (Trieste) that won an outstanding final victory over “FELTRE” (Veneto).

Having exceeded all expectations, the event organiser’s are delighted to confirm that SNOW RUGBY TARVISIO will return in January 2014.

So don’t delay….make your appointment today for SNOW RUGBY TARVISIO 2014 …..