Up the RUGBY REVOLUTION – Challenger #7

It’s a fact. Beach 5’s Rugby is revolutionizing the sport of Rugby thanks to those ‘revolutionary’ squads who each year travel from all over the world, sacrificing their time to make the annual pilgrimage to LIGNANO, the spiritual home of International SUPER BEACH 5’s. Of all the revolutionaries that have visited our golden shores in recent years, our next Challenger represents something special. Coming from the beaches of Marseille, in southeast France, these players are born with ‘Rugby & Revolution’ ingrained in their DNA. It’s therefore with great honour that we welcome our 7th Challenger, and reigning EBRA Beach 5’s Series Champions, the revolutionary, Ovale Beach Marseille.

Ovale Banner 22013 was an historic year for this ‘formidable’ French team. Having participated in 3 of the four EBRA tournaments, their outstanding skill led them to take the inaugural 2013 EBRA Beach 5’s Series title. What made this victory extra special was that it was set against the backdrop where, in their own country, the rugby authorities in Paris do not support Beach 5’s Rugby, so far choosing to only support and promote Beach Touch Rugby.

But, if anybody can change their minds, then it will surely be the Marseillais. These are people whose revolutionary spirit calls them to lead and to lead by example. One such inspirational leader is Lionel Laugier, Ovale Beach Marseille team manager. His belief in Beach 5’s Rugby is supreme and no doubt it will ultimately prove instrumental in changing the way French rugby authorities view the dynamic sport of Beach 5’s Rugby.

EBRA 2013 ChampionsOf course, last years victory of the EBRA Series in Lignano also provided a little ‘bitter sweet’ moment for the boys from Marseille who left behind the most historic piece of Silverware in International Beach 5’s Rugby, the ‘LIGNANO INTERNATIONAL CUP’. But their narrow Final defeat in SB5 2013 was surely a rallying call, a sounding out of their intentions for the 2014 season and in particular for SB5 2014.

By the time July comes around, in the heat of the LIGNANO BEACH ARENA, we expect Ovale Beach Marseille to be a leading contender and furthermore we expect ‘all’ of French rugby to be watching and upstanding to support these ‘révolutionaires’ of French Beach 5’s.

As the anthem rings out…….‘ Allons enfants de la Patrie, Le jour de gloire est arrivé….!’

Vive la Beach 5’s Rugby Révolution !


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