EGOR 2012 – European Golden Oldies Rugby

“The European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival began in the Netherlands in 1992, when 18 teams from 8 different countries decided to challenge each other on the pitch. From the very start, the spirit of the tournament has been one of friendship and brotherhood, playing for the joy of game, regardless of the results.

Whether rugby is practiced by amateurs, semi-professionals or professionals, there always are unwritten gentlemens rules of behaviour: this specific code of conduct is considered to be character forming and fosters social integration. Since 1992, the event has taken place every two years, and in June 2012 Trieste will host the 11th edition.

This is the second time Italy will hold the event, the first being in Verona in 1996. Trieste will therefore open itself up to 3000 participants from all over the world, but Egor 2012 will not mean only rugby. In fact, the tournament will be played on Friday and Sunday, whereas on Saturday all participants will have the chance to choose among several different package tours. History, landscapes, seaside relax, food and wine: all destinations will offer an insight of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia and its breathtaking peculiarities.

Egor 2012 guarantees five days of fun, both on and off the pitch: a unique opportunity to reunite with old friend and to make new ones, contributing to promote rugby and its values on an international scale. Moreover, the opening party, the stalls near the pitches and on the waterfront, and the closing gala dinner will represent the highlights of a long party, all wrapped up in music and entertainment.

At the end of the event, the renewed Prosecco Sport Centre will become the hub for rugby players of all ages, enhancing good open-air training for life.”

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