Once again SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY is proving to be an inspiration to Rugby’s global community.

In both Northern and Southern hemisphere’s, new tournaments are springing up to feed the voracious appetite of those who want to both play and watch ‘The Fastest Game of Rugby on the Planet’.

None more so than in Italy, which boasts the world’s largest & longest running official National Beach 5’s Rugby championship. And it is the Italian region of Friuli where the “FEVER” for FIVES RUGBY is beginning to spread from the Beaches.

Yes, the Mad Men & Women of Super Beach 5’s Rugby are about to exchange Sand, Sun, and Sea for SNOW…..yes, SNOW 5’s RUGBY.

On 12th January 2013, the famous Italian ski resort of TARVISIO, on Friuli’s northeastern alpine border with Slovenia & Austria, will play host to Italy’s first official SNOW 5’s RUGBY tournament.

Event Organiser, Alberto Stentardo, himself a 15’s Rugby player, tells us that his inspiration for the new SNOW tournament came while soaking up the SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY action in LIGNANO during July 2012. With temperatures in the LIGNANO BEACH ARENA reaching 35°C, it’s probably not so surprising that one might think of playing in cooler location.

And when we talk about TARVISIO in January, we’re definitely talking cooler!! Because when the brave players take to the snow, they will be swapping those super summer stats for something approaching -15°C, which is a toe-curling temperature DROP of……. 50°C degrees !!

Under the watchful eye of Tarvisio’s, Monte Lussari, the field of play will be located at the base of the Ladies World Cup Downhill ski run “Di Prampero”. As a famous sporting venue, it has witnessed many great international alpine events. It is therefore a fitting venue for this inaugural alpine SNOW 5’s tournament, which itself will bring an international flavour to the slopes, with teams from Slovenia, Austria and Germany participating alongside the Italian squads.

Interestingly SNOW RUGBY is played elsewhere in the world, most famously at the ARCTIC Tournament in Finland, where they play a SEVENS style format.

However for this new TARVISIO event, Alberto Stentardo confirms that it will be the worlds ‘first’ SNOW 5’s RUGBY tournament because it will follow the same set of rules and regulations that apply to the BEACH FIVES RUGBY format. And to top it all, Alberto and his event team promise a truly unique ‘TARVISIANO’ rugby experience….a weekend of APRES-RUGBY & APRES-SKI. So if you want to be a part of the newest and most unique of RUGBY weekends, find your way to TARVISIO for 12th January 2013.

Tournament details will be posted on the tournament website www.snowrugby.com and on their facebook page www.facebook.com/rugbyonsnow. We’ll also post updates on our homepage.

For those less fortunate souls who won’t be able to make it to this remarkable moment in Italian Alpine history, don’t worry……Alberto has enlisted the help of our very own SB5 Media Crew to bring the action to you ‘LIVE’ , via a LIVE-STREAMING link. Details to follow shortly.

And be warned…..SNOW FEVER is CONTAGIOUS

SNOW 5’s RUGBY. For those who have the FEVER.