SB5 2015 – CHALLENGER #1

The SB5 2015 selection process is under way and we are delighted to announce that the honour of being the first team goes to the CZECH REPUBLIC.

IMG_5364The boys from Petrovice Rugby Prague, aka CHEEKY STRIKERS, will make a welcome return to Lignano after a 6 year absense. During their time away they’ve maintained their focus and been impressive in their home tournament, the Prague International, reaching 4 consecutive semi-finals and winning the event outright on 2 occasions.

While in mainstream rugby circles, the CZECH Republic sits in 36th position on the World Rugby rankings, in Beach 5s circles, these guys know their way around the sand.

So be warned, take them for granted and you might well find yourselves suffering a quick “CZECH MATE” !

SUPER BEACH 5s….. it’s pretty much like CHESS…..lots of quick, strategic moves…. just a little bit more physical !

SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY. Not for your Average Guys.